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Safety And Security

When It comes to our customers safety and security, nothing else matters to Prestige Travel more.

All of our drivers have been screened, as well as being checked out by our company before they are able to work with us.


All of our drivers are recognised by the Israeli ministry of transport and have undergone special driving courses thus qualifying them to be able to drive passengers for us.

All of the drivers within our company are armed, thus adding another level of uniqueness to our company.


With a variety of safety and security options at our disposal, we are sure that we will meet our customers every need during their stay here in Israel.


Additional security Options


Prestige Travel works hand in hand with some of the most professional security firms in Israel. Nearly all of the employees within these firms come from a special forces background whilst they served in the Israeli army. 


They are able to offer business and personal security options to meet the needs of any of our customers   

Prestige Travel is also able to offer a range of luxurious armoured cars and vans.

For More information please give us a call and we will be happy to serve you.

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